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Beltran Technologies: Helping customers meet the standards of today, the challenges of tomorrow

Compliance with constantly evolving pollution control and clean energy standards is becoming increasingly complex and time consuming for agricultural, manufacturing and process industries and municipalities. Today’s solutions may not be applicable to future requirements. New challenges, such as greenhouse gases, are constantly appearing.

For more than 50 years, Beltran Technologies has supplied the engineering skills and manufacturing capabilities required to provide effective air pollution control and bioenergy strategies in rapidly changing technical environments. Today, we specialize in developing flexible, innovative technologies such as wet electrostatic precipitators (WESPs) and biomass gasification/cogeneration systems.

Our teams of chemical, electrical, fluid mechanical, structural and environmental engineers and project managers are highly experienced at custom-designing, fabricating and installing cost-effective, durable solutions, including on-site training and follow-up support.

Beltran commits a substantial portion of our resources to ongoing research and development in electrostatic fine-particle enhancement, biofiltration, pulse power supplies, combustion heat recovery, plasma fields and other areas, often under government sponsorship. Our practical field experience is constantly expanding and deepening this technical knowledge base. Michael R. Beltran, our president, is a world-recognized scientist, inventor and engineer who has lectured and published widely in these areas.

Beltran’s broad background, commitment to producing world-class solutions at minimum cost, and forward-thinking approach ensure our continued ability to help our cients meet the energy and environmental standards of today and the challenges of tomorrow.