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Beltran Biomass-Energy System for Wood, Agricultural Waste

Brooklyn, NY—March 20, 2009—Beltran Technologies, Inc. has announced the development of the Beltran Biomass Cogeneration System for gasification of biomass waste. The system not only eliminates waste but also generates clean, efficient electric power, with heat as a byproduct.

One excellent application of the system is the gasification of wood and agricultural waste.

The system consists of highly engineered specific machinery working in unison to solve an existing problem and create valuable energy. The wood and agricultural waste is gathered and placed on to a conveyor, which feeds the waste directly to the Gasifier. Here the waste is gasified (burned) with an exact amount of controlled O2 (oxygen) to ensure a usable flow of gas. The gas is channeled to a cyclone where large particles called Char are removed and the gas stream is then sent to a Wet Electrostatic Precipitator where the gas is cleaned at the sub micron level, then to a dryer to reduce its saturation, and finally to the Engine. The Engine produces valuable electric power for the operational uses or sale to the grid. In addition to the electric power, the system produces heat, which can be used productively.

The Beltran Biomass Co-generation System corrects the need to clean up and eliminate wood and agricultural waste and generate valuable power and energy.